A Feast for the Senses in the Heart of Andalusia

Every May, Granada is transformed into a spectacle of colour, tradition and living culture that captivates locals and visitors alike. The May Crosses, one of the most deeply rooted and picturesque festivities of this historic city, invites everyone to be part of a unique celebration, where streets and squares are adorned with impressive floral crosses, giving life to a tradition with deep religious and cultural roots.

A Journey Through History: The May Crosses

The tradition of the May Crosses goes back centuries, symbolising the victory of the Christian faith. In Granada, this festival has been enriched with unique cultural elements, becoming an event that goes beyond the religious to celebrate the arrival of spring with art, music and gastronomy. It is an expression of joy and community that unites locals and visitors in an unforgettable festive atmosphere.

The Alhambra: A Jewel in Time

There is no better time to visit Granada than during the event of May Crosses, when the city is at its most splendid. And what better way to complement this experience than with a visit to the Alhambra, the architectural marvel that has captivated travellers from all over the world with its palaces, gardens and panoramic views of the city. The Alhambra is a living testimony to the rich history of al-Andalus, a place where every stone tells a story of kings, poets and dreams.

Experience Granada at its Maximum Splendour

During the May Crosses, Granada offers a host of activities that promise to enrich your visit. From the cross decorating competitions, which transform the city into an ephemeral garden, to the tasting of tapas and typical dishes that will satisfy the most demanding palate. The streets are filled with music and traditional dances, creating a festive atmosphere that is impossible to forget.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Visit

For those planning a trip to Granada during this magical time, here are some tips:

  • Book early: The Cruces de Mayo and the Alhambra visit are very popular, secure your ticket and accommodation in advance.
  • Explore Beyond the Conventional: Granada is full of secret corners. Take your time to explore the Albaicín and Sacromonte neighbourhoods.
  • Participate in the Festivities: Don’t just be a spectator; take part in the cultural activities and sample the local cuisine.

A Call to Adventure

The May Crosses and the Alhambra are just the beginning of what Granada has to offer. This city, rich in history, culture and beauty, awaits you with open arms to offer you unique experiences. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this celebration of life and tradition. Come to Granada over the long weekend in May and let yourself be seduced by its charm. We promise it will be an experience you will remember forever!

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